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Elena Pressprich, better known on Instagram as @FindMeOutside, is an outdoor enthusiast and photographer living in Bend, Oregon with her three dogs Rio, Baya, and Millie and cat, Gracie. Her passion for adventure and the outdoors radiates in each post. We caught up with Elena this week to ask her some questions about life in the outdoors and how she keeps her pets healthy.

As a photographer, you get to take great shots of dogs all day! What’s the best part of your job?

I sure am lucky! I am surrounded by dogs all the time, at home and at work! I feel like I am never lacking in dog lovin’. I do spend a lot of my days at the office, and the best part is rubbing all the bellies around the office. On an average day, we probably have about 20-ish dogs in the building. Most of our photography takes place outside, on trails and in the backcountry. The way I plan my photoshoots is really not much of a plan at all. I will have a product I am trying to capture, find talent (human + dog), and then head outside, doing whatever it is they love to do the most. I try to capture genuine and authentic moments that are real, realistic, and something that the human & dog would actually do. Most of the time, I find my free-nilly-willy method works pretty well. It is very hard to tell a dog what to do or how to act, so if you get them in an environment they are comfortable and familiar with, things generally go really easily!

2 Montage by ElenaWhen you’re on a hike, what camera do you shoot with?

Although it is heavy, I have a Canon 5D Mark iv and almost always shoot on my 24-70 F2.8 lens. I have always used Canon because I find that it is really simple to operate and gives a film-like quality I cannot replicate with other cameras. Sometimes, I have great success with even just my iPhone, which is always around me to capture those unexpected moments.

Elena1 Where is your favorite hiking trail and where do you plan on visiting next?

Honestly, anywhere in my backyard of Central Oregon. We are so fortunate to live in such an incredible area where we have rivers, lakes, mountains, and trails close to home. I can hop on the Deschutes River Trail that extends for miles and miles through canyon space where I love to take Baya for trail runs. As far as future adventures and places we go, we tend to stick to travels in Oregon. We have a few fire lookout towers to ski into this spring, a coast trip, and a trip out east. All of these places are very dog friendly and some of our favorite places to go and play together.

Elena3jpg Your dogs live an incredibly active life. How do you make sure they get all the nutrients they need?

I want my dogs to live to the longest and healthiest lives they possibly can, which means they have to eat consistently and eat well. Nothing else has been a hit the way Nulo is in our home. Nulo is a big part of my pack living healthy and happy lives through pure, whole & clean nutrition. Nulo has been the dog food of choice since I adopted Rio 7 years ago. Since adding Baya, Millie, and my cat Gracie, in the last few years, everyone is on a Nulo diet and there’s nothing else I’d rather choose for them.

What are their favorite Nulo recipes & treats?

Rio really loves the Nulo’s wet food, but as far as treats, he is a big fan of the Nulo Protein Sticks. Baya is obsessed with the Pouches as a topper on her meals and Millie likes the Nulo Training Treats best. She is now 9 months old and still has lots of tricks to pack up her sleeve, so these are the best little treats to help her succeed.

She even likes that she looks like the pup on the salmon bag 🙂 


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