cat drinking water to show cat hydration

Cat Hydration 101: Is My Cat Drinking Enough Water?

As a cat owner, you know that it’s important for your cat to have access to fresh, clean water. But do you know how much your cat should be drinking? Dehydration is a common problem in cats and can pose significant risks to your pet’s health. In this article, we’ll discuss your cat’s water needs and how to monitor their hydration status. We’ll also share … Continue reading Cat Hydration 101: Is My Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Sustainability with pets - dog sitting outside in nature

Sustainability with Our Pets at Nulo & Beyond

Although the concept has been around since the 1980s, sustainability has become more than just a trending buzzword in the last five years. Everything from manufacturing processes, packaging materials, product ingredients, and how companies operate has been called under scrutiny, largely led by consumers. Companies of all kinds – including those in the pet industry – are reevaluating their current practices and evolving to new standards.

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Hairball management tips help long haired cats

Hairball Management for Cats

Does your cat struggle with hairballs? As the weather warms, you may notice that your cat is shedding more than usual. When this happens, your cat may also experience more issues with hairballs. Cat hairball management requires a basic understanding of what causes hairballs and how you can help prevent them in your cat. 

Here are a few tips to help get your cat’s hairballs under control. 

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Treat Them with Love: Tips for Giving Your Pet Treats

Are you looking for ways to show your pet some extra love this spring? While we often shower them with treats to show how much we care, giving your pet treats isn’t always what’s best for their health. Treats are a significant source of calories and can contribute to obesity in cats and dogs. Let’s discuss some helpful tips for making healthy treat choices for our pets.

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Puppy Nutrition: How Much To Feed Your Pup & More

Among the many decisions you will encounter during your pet’s life, what you feed your fur-baby is hands-down one of the most important. Your puppy’s nutritional needs are just as special as they are! Starting them off on the right foot (err, paw) with a high-quality diet will help their body and brain grow to its best potential. Continue reading Puppy Nutrition: How Much To Feed Your Pup & More