5 Love Languages of Cats

It’s the season of love, and we’re ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our cats! You may be familiar with the Five Love Languages, which describe five ways that we receive love from others. But can this also be applied to our pets? Find out your cat’s love language below!

Physical Touch

Let’s be honest – very few cats are THIS level of touchy-feely. And if you do have a cat that values physical touch, you know that this is always on their terms (not that we always know what these terms are…), and you will be alerted to their terms and conditions with a swift swat from a front paw, sometimes accompanied by a, shall we say, love bite. All jokes aside, cats that receive love through physical touch are most often found rubbing up against your legs, climbing into your lap to curl up for a snooze, or snuggling in beside you for head scratches. This Valentine’s Day, spend extra time petting your cat exactly how they like – or else!

Quality Time

Does your cat insist on going to the bathroom with you and scream at the door when you shut them out? If yes, your cat probably receives love through quality time! Your cat’s greatest desire is to be in your presence and for you to be in theirs. Consider a Valentine’s Day date with your cat watching their favorite movie (probably the Aristocats), playing with their favorite toy, or simply sitting in the quiet with one another, enjoying each other’s company.

Receiving Gifts 

Cats that love to receive gifts can best be described as hoarders. They find every sock, every hair tie, and every dead bug (or bird, or mouse) in your house and drag them back to their lair to add to the pile. They don’t need YOU to bestow gifts upon them – they are independent kitties who don’t need anyone but themselves to fulfill their needs! But for Valentine’s Day this year, consider gifting your kitty with their favorite treat or toy and watch them enjoy the real gift – the box – for hours on end.

Acts of Service

There isn’t a cat in the world that doesn’t love to be served. In their eyes, that’s all we’re here for – to provide them with our undying service and worship. And sometimes, they return that service in the lovely “gifts” they bring us, like dead creatures they’ve found (or, you know, killed) outside. Hey, somebody’s got to take care of the humans since they can’t hunt for themselves, right? If your cat loves to be served and doted on, consider taking the hunting duties off their hands and preparing a special meal for them this Valentine’s Day!

Words of Affirmation

Does your cat love to sing you the song of her people? Sometimes, the noisiest cats are the ones who just want to hear how much you love them! They spend their days asking for praise in their own language, so it’s time to deliver on this request through words of affirmation. Spend your Valentine’s Day telling your cat everything you love about them – their soft coat, their motorboat purr, and their perfect little toe beans.

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